Sofia and Jaime | Chico Wedding

I photographed Sofia and Jaime’s wedding as a third shooter to have an opportunity to photograph a wedding at Centerville in Chico.  The wedding was beautiful and steeped in tradition.  There was an awe inspiring community of people surrounding this couple.  Such a joy to witness.  Thank you Sofia and Jaime for the opportunity to capture the  moments in between.

sophia and Jaime-3-c12.jpgsophia and Jaime-2-c27.jpgsophia and Jaime-6-c56.jpgsophia and Jaime-8-c54.jpgsophia and Jaime-4-c26.jpgsophia and Jaime-7-c10.jpgsophia and Jaime-1-c61.jpgsophia and Jaime-9-c48.jpgsophia and Jaime-10-c10.jpgsophia and Jaime-11-c97.jpgsophia and Jaime-12-c55.jpgsophia and Jaime-13-c39.jpgsophia and Jaime-14-c20.jpgsophia and Jaime-5-c57.jpgsophia and Jaime-15-c39.jpgsophia and Jaime-16-c35.jpgsophia and Jaime-17-c76.jpgsophia and Jaime-18-c41.jpgsophia and Jaime-19-c91.jpgsophia and Jaime-20-c13.jpgsophia and Jaime-21-c83.jpgsophia and Jaime-1-2-c17.jpgsophia and Jaime-22-c50.jpgsophia and Jaime-23-c14.jpgsophia and Jaime-24-c28.jpgsophia and Jaime-25-c8.jpgsophia and Jaime-2-2-c37.jpgsophia and Jaime-26-c49.jpgsophia and Jaime-27-c56.jpgsophia and Jaime-28-c83.jpgsophia and Jaime-29-c2.jpgsophia and Jaime-30-c22.jpgsophia and Jaime-31-c37.jpgsophia and Jaime-32-c60.jpgsophia and Jaime-33-c74.jpgsophia and Jaime-34-c27.jpgsophia and Jaime-35-c34.jpgsophia and Jaime-36-c65.jpgsophia and Jaime-37-c85.jpgsophia and Jaime-38-c76.jpgsophia and Jaime-39.jpgsophia and Jaime-4-2-c34.jpgsophia and Jaime-40.jpgsophia and Jaime-3-2-c42.jpgsophia and Jaime-42.jpgsophia and Jaime-43.jpgsophia and Jaime-44.jpgsophia and Jaime-45.jpg

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