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Iggy Pup waits…

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Emma Senior Portraits

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Rachel and Quinn Engagement

Meet Rachel and Quinn….  A beautiful couple here in Chico CA who volunteered to step out of the box for their engagement photography session.  We opted to forgo traditional poses in random places.  We opted […]

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Winter Picnic fashion Shoot-1.jpg

Winter Picnic Challenge

A note about the shoot…. Winter picnic was a collaborative venture, a personal project inspired by vintage fashion, beauty, women and imagery.  From the first moments, conspiring over tea at the Tin Roof Bakery, the […]

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Road Trip Expose-1.jpg

Roadtrip ~ a photo essay

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Protected: Winter Concert ~ Blue Oak

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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OMG-OCF Off Camera Flash

It has been 4 months since I heard the first whispers about the importance of using off camera flash as a portrait photographer.  I ignored it.   I was busy learning Fstops and ISO, shutter […]

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NH Boudoir

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Erin Hoola -1.jpg


Hooping is a thing she does, part of who she is.  Erin is contemplating space and making a point to occupy her own.  Hooping can be seen as a vehicle to get her where she […]

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the art of vintage style

Vintage clothing is an experience…. an exercise in self discovery. Each flip of the hanger reveals something unique and potentially precious.  It’s like dress up for real life and to be honest it takes a […]

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