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Let’s talk details….

About my philosophy ….

The skill set of the associate photographer is different from that of the primary in some important ways.  In my opinion the true power of an associate is the ability to bring the full force of her own creativity and lay it on the alter of another artist.   Regardless of experience level, that is a challenge and a gift that stems from a tribal core, a thread of collaboration and a fundamental desire to contribute to something bigger or different than what she creates on her own.  I love it.   Recently I have realized that second shooting is not just a vehicle to get somewhere else.  I love it for what it is:  an assignment free from the responsibility associated with the primary role: a chance to plug in, collaborate and just shoot.  Therefore I am pursuing it as a viable professional avenue of my career.

About the day…

I see my role as twofold:

  1. To make your day seamless, stress free and support you in fulfilling your responsibilities.  That includes everything from keeping us hydrated and snacked up through orchestrating family formals and on to the last moments of the day.  In fact, I am happy to stay beyond the time that you do.
  2. To get the shot.  I am a photojournalist at heart and I do this to record the whole story.  I fully intend for my photographs to elevate your client galleries and give another complimentary perspective, specifically to fill in the gaps by being where you can’t be.

My rate is $350 a day.  I start when you start and leave when you do or after you do.  Travel is $.50 a mile outside of 25 miles and if accommodations are required that is an additional fee.  I use my own equipment which includes a backup camera and everything necessary to run the shoot by myself if needed.  My rate includes photo selection and basic color correction.  You will receive  approximately 40 images / hour, delivered within 7 days of our shoot.  I will also deliver fully edited images for a total rate of $600 per day.



How do we handle photo credit?

Let’s be honest.  This can get sticky, so I want to be fully upfront with how I feel about it.  I have read blogs and conversation threads and I know that there are all range of feelings on the topic from both sides.  This is where I stand on the matter:  I expect you to fold my images seamlessly into your client galleries.  Ideally you would give me photo credit on your social media sites however, it is fine to brand my images with your company logo on your social media and advertising campaigns.  As an artist and a colleague I appreciate getting acknowledgement from you.  I will always credit your weddings to you by linking back to your site. Obviously it is not okay to take photo credit on my photos and if you submit my photos for publication I require photo credit.

How does Shannon Iris Photography use the images?

Please check out my galleries to see how I intend to use the images.  I may submit photos for awards and I will use good photos to build my portfolio.  I will not post photos to social media until they are released by you (unless we agree otherwise) and again, regardless of where I use the images, I will always link back to your studio and give you full credit for the wedding.

What is considered a full day?

A full day is anything over 4.5 hours including travel.



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