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Let’s talk details…

About the photography

The way I see it senior portraits are a big deal.  This is a chance for young adults to present themselves to the world ~ to make a statement about who they are as independent individuals as they launch into the world.  For parents the opportunity offers treasures and keep sakes that encompass all of the love and support that has gone into raising them.  Please don’t miss the opportunity.

About your session

It’s like an adventure.  We will start with an idea and see where it leads us.  This is your moment in time – to shine.   The shoot will focus on YOU!  What you love, where you like to hang out and what you love to do.  Bring an outfit or 10.  Bring your BFF for a couple of shots at the end or your whole friend group.  Bring your dog, your cell phone, a football and jersey.  Sky is the limit.  Magic happens when you show up and shine.

Your investment

Your investment is $225.The Photo session lasts between 1.5 – 2 hours.

You can expect between 20-30  fully edited fine art images.

Extras include full resolution digital downloads, prints, canvas wall art and other fine art products.


What should I wear?

I recommend  a variation of styles.  Something casual and something kind-of dressy.  On a team?  Bring your jersey or uniform.  Often times as an adult you will need a headshot for various reasons.  Let’s make it professional for a couple of shots.  Take it in a different direction ~ this can also be your first beauty shoot.  Have fun and get your make-up done.  I can recommend several makeup artists depending on your price range.  Ultimately you need to wear what makes you feel good a t-shirt and jeans or a tux it’s really up to you.  I am always happy to consult on the matter.

Where will we shoot?

Every part of this experience is designed to make you feel special and at ease.  Generally I ask people where they like to hang out.  Upper park?  Lower park?  Downtown?  At the pitch?  In your car?  ~ the options are endless.

What if I am uncomfortable in front of the camera?

Hardly anyone likes to have their picture taken at first.  Usually about 5 minutes in we are over the awkwardness of it all.  My best advice… Don’t worry about it because it is my job to help you get there.