Ally Welch

It would be so easy to describe my experience with Shannon and her Into the Wild project as amazing, fantastic, life changing. That would be accurate, mildly cliché, and doesn’t do the experience any justice whatsoever.   For me, it was an awakening.

For the first time, I felt confident in my own skin.   I was able to embrace my body and let go of the fear and the negative self talk.  Somehow Shannon knew exactly how to tailor this day to fit me perfectly.

After we finished, I got back into my tank, over shirt, and pants. It felt weird to have so many layers of clothing on. What a liberating thought for someone who’s spent most of her life trying to hide her body! It was one of the weirdest, happiest thoughts I’ve ever had. That power of confidence in my body, of accepting and rejoicing in it, stayed with me for the rest of the day. I was different. I wanted to jar that feeling for the days I have trouble looking at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t even seen the photos, but for the gift of that feeling alone, I was content.   Then Shannon sent me the link to my photos.  Read more here…


Let’s talk details…

About the photography

Women in the wild is my take on Boudoir photography.  It is a beauty shoot with meaning ~ a glamor shot with guts.  Think of it as a journey deep into the center of yourself where you are wild and free  ~ an Image Adventure.  The adventure takes you down to the place where sensuality radiates out of self confidence.  At the most basic it is set up as an experience that the human soul longs for  (but is hard to find):  an opportunity to feel precious and comfortable in your own skin.

About your session

During the adventure we will find and highlight your unique, individual brand of beauty.  This is your moment in time – to shine.   You will build personal power, self esteem & confidence and the images will say it all.  Magic happens when you take a stand for yourself and doors open in the face of beauty.  This experience will impact your life far beyond the hours of our shoot.  Read what women have to say about the experience.

Your investment

Your investment is $225.The Photo session lasts between 1.5 – 2.5 hours depending on how long it takes us to drop in, produce good work and come to completion.

You can expect between 25-30  fully edited fine art images
Extras include full resolution digital downloads, prints, canvas wall art and other fine art products


What should I wear?

Wear your favorite pair of jeans or a dress or nothing at all.  Wear what you feel the most beautiful in.

Where will we shoot?

Every part of this experience is designed to make you feel radiant, special and at ease.  Generally I ask women where they go if they have time to spend with themselves ~ your happy place.  Many times the experience takes us into the wild, but it certainly doesn’t have to be outside.  “In the wild” is a metaphor and a place that lives inside of you, it could be your home, a beautiful hotel ~ the options are endless.

What if I am uncomfortable in front of the camera?

95% of the women I work with begin the session by telling me they are not photogenic and don’t take good pictures.  Not once ever has it been true ~ and you will not be the first.  My best advice to you is don’t worry about it… because that is my job 🙂